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Anti-Aging Hacks

Mar 5, 2021

On this episode of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast, Faraz Khan and Dr. Amy Killen discuss how to boost sexual wellness and skin health using new techniques.

Here are some of the questions Dr. Amy answers:

1. Why do we lose skin and sexual function and vitality as we age?

2. What are some of the latest techniques to rejuvenate both sexual organs and skin?

3. How to stack the different techniques to get the best bang for your buck (pun intended)?

Amy Killen MD is an anti-aging and regenerative physician specializing in sexual optimization, aesthetics and longevity medicine.  

After treating a number of prominent biohackers and longevity-seekers, Dr Killen and her colleague, Dr Harry Adelson pioneered the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover, one of the most innovative regenerative procedures currently available. 

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