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Anti-Aging Hacks

Nov 26, 2021

Dr. John Lieurance is a Naturopathic Physician & Chiropractic Neurologist. He works alongside a team at Advanced Rejuvenation, which includes Medical, Cardiologist, Osteopathic, Hormone Specialist, Podiatric & Eastern Medicine. 

Advanced Rejuvenation is paving the way, with the most advanced treatment options and...

Nov 18, 2021

On this myth busting podcast, Brad Pilon and Faraz Khan discuss all things fasting, weight loss, muscle protection, fasting myths and much more.

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Here are some topics...

Nov 9, 2021

On this episode, Dr. Deborah Rozman & Faraz Khan discuss why your heart is so powerful, how your heart and brain are constantly talking to one another, how your brain emits a measurable magnetic field, and how you can become heart centered to manage stress, anxiety, improve cognitive function and live longer.