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Anti-Aging Hacks

Apr 3, 2019

On today’s podcast we cover women’s health and hormones, the importance of Estrogen, changes to these hormones as women age, Hormone Disruptors, Birth Control, and how women can balance their hormones post-menopause with bio-identical hormones, and I ask Dr. Gersh if there is a way to delay menopause. 

This podcast episode is full of so many nuggets of knowledge from Dr. Felice Gersh. Dr. Felice Gersh is a combination of an award-winning physician, board certified both in OBGYN and integrative medicine. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a medical degree from the university of Southern California school of medicine, two year fellowship in integrative medicine from the University of Arizona school of medicine. Dr Gersh has dedicated her career to women, focusing on the aspects of women’s health which are unique, under-appreciated and poorly managed. She is the medical director of the innovative, integrative Medical group of Irvine.

We discuss the importance of Estrogen. Dr. Gersh traveled the world at one point discussing the importance of Estrogen in a female body. We discuss integrative medicine and how it is different from a traditional doctor. 

We discuss the role of Testosterone in a female body and what role it plays.

We discuss big hormone disruptors: BPA, Thalates, Plastics, Birth Control pills.

Dr. Gersh shares how women can delay menopause by aligning with their natural cycles.

We discuss Estrogen replacement after menopause.

Dr. Gersh has a new book out called PCOS SOS, which gets into the details of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Finally, Dr. Gersh shares her tips for anti-aging hacks.