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Anti-Aging Hacks

Nov 26, 2021

Dr. John Lieurance is a Naturopathic Physician & Chiropractic Neurologist. He works alongside a team at Advanced Rejuvenation, which includes Medical, Cardiologist, Osteopathic, Hormone Specialist, Podiatric & Eastern Medicine. 

Advanced Rejuvenation is paving the way, with the most advanced treatment options and protocols for Degenerative Neurologic, Chronic Diseases, Auto Immune, Chronic Infections such as Virus & Lyme, Mold, CIRS, Neurologic, Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Vestibular Disorders, GI/SIBO, Thyroid, hormone conditions and Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine using ultrasound guidance.

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Here is what we discuss in this episode:

- How Dr. Lieurance Got Into The Alternative Health Space

- How John Diagnosed And Fixed His Auto Immune Disease

- How John Helps People With Auto Immune Diseases and Chronic Conditions

- John's Advanced Tips On Fasting

- How NAD+ Can Be Used

- Ozone and Glutathione For Rejuvenation And As Antioxidands

- Joint Injuries And The Two Types of Cartilage In Joints

- How To Regrow Cartilage In Joints

- The Perfect Types Of Patients That Dr Lieurance Can Help

To get the full show notes of this episode, head on over to Anti-Aging Hacks