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Anti-Aging Hacks

Aug 13, 2020

In this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I discuss some interesting sleep tips from Dr. Peter Martone. 

We talk about:

1. What is the best sleeping position for anti-aging and health?

2. How can you train yourself to start sleeping on your back?

3. How a special pillow called the Neck Nest helps you sleep on your back?

There is a special 15% off discount code that Dr. Martone has made available to listeners of this podcast. Go to and buy the neck nest pillow and the pillowcase, and enter the code ANTIAGE in all caps.


Dr. Peter Martone is the owner of Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness Centers and the inventor of the Neck Nest, a revolutionary new pillow that is designed to improve your posture while you sleep.

Dr. Martone’s techniques have been featured nationally on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX news stations and currently travels the country teaching people regain their health by mastering the art of living a healthy lifestyle.